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With the advent of streaming media, movies are more available than ever for all of us....


Recently, Deathproof was on and for whatever reason, I realized, Kurt Russell is seriously one cool cat. He's bizarre lol. He makes every movie awesome. I can't really think of a time Kurt Russell annoyed me in a movie. Even "Overboard" was cool with him being a blue collar normal lol. 


Big Trouble in Little China?? Come on. Cult Classic. Tango and Cash? All Kurt. Eff Stallone. 


Who do you like nerds? My list is long, but I'm super nerdy. And adorable. Don't forget that. 



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3 mins ago, fjr419 said:

Christopher Walken and Gene Hackman are probably my 2 favorite actors.


YES. Both. Walken is amazing lol. Hackman has endless great movies. Him as Lex is the best imo. 

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2 mins ago, Terry Mac said:

Robert Shaw and Lee Marvin can't be beat. 

I get it.......but Shaw really only nailed the Quint thing. Marvin though is a great supporting cast member. Good try Bo Staff. I appreciate you. 

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