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FS is a brand new Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced Spod rod 12ft 50/50, UK model.

Century Surf Machine rods are built base on this blank.


Following on from the highly regarded Century 13ft C2-D Spod and Marker rod options these latest high performance, premium application rods are designed to complement the SGR carp rod ranges in both looks and performance in the ever popular 12ft length. As carp anglers, when fishing at long range we need application rods which are capable of performing at an equal level to our regular fishing rods with specific attention placed on producing comparable feel and action throughout to minimalise the need for constant adaptations in casting technique from rod to rod.

Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced Spod and Marker rods are fitted with the Century Stealth Titanium SiC 50mm guide configuration as standard, Stealth laser engraved black reel seat and butt cap, discrete gunmetal grey tippings and black main guide whippings to match the livery used on the SGR carp rods to perfection. The 2018 full package combination of carp rods and matching application rods will undoubtedly make for the ultimate carp angling setup. Whether lightness, beautiful cosmetics, long range casting, premium materials or just to know the rods you own are unmatched by any other angler is your focus then the Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced range will certainly serve to tick every conceivable box.

Century has been at the top in the International casting scene for well in excess of twenty years and our rods are used by the most recent World Casting Champions as they have been for a generation of previous champions, alongside some of the very finest and respected anglers around . As a result, here at Century we receive constant feedback from the very best in the game, linking both technology with performance where the best anglers and extreme range casters are always encouraged to provide us with a constant stream of suggestions and directions at both design and production levels within our UK based blank manufacturing facility. Century then utilize this essential feedback in order to strive to constantly improve our products. This thorough and meticulous consultation, design and manufacturing process is an essential component in what only serves to distance Century even further from the crowd.

SGR Spod and Marker rods are both complex and futuristic in design. The resin matrix is reinforced with Graphene to achieve strength and lightness never before seen in any fishing rod of any description, Autoclaved to resist test curve decay and aided by new advances in anti twist design to ensure the directional control and accuracy of the SGR Marker and Spod package. The diameter of the SGR Spod just above the reel seat is 17mm and on SGR Marker it is slimmer at just 14mm. This lower diameter makes the Marker not only cosmetically far more appealing but also slightly easier to compress than previous Century Marker rods. The butt loads smoothly and easily but still delivers a 4-5oz lead and marker float combination long distances when needed. The SGR Marker rods’ tip section is specifically designed to be incredibly responsive and thus aids in recovery and also in detecting changes in both topography and the ‘feel’ of the changing nature of natural features when both ‘leading around’ and plumbing with floats.

The SGR Spod has the more powerful butt section of the two rods which helps ensure both ease of use and peace of mind with any mid size or large bait rockets, spods or Spombs when delivering bait at range. Through testing we recommend a well loaded midi size Spomb for optimum overall distance and effective bait delivery at longer ranges. Century have also fitted these rods with our premium gunmetal PVD coated Stealth Titanium 50mm guides and lightweight aluminium fittings throughout in an effort to keep overall weight to a minimum. The repetitive and often physically demanding nature of delivering large beds of bait at range dictates that the substantial weight reduction that this rod possesses to be nothing short of essential to any successful carp angler, leaving us confident in the knowledge that our anglers will appreciate this unmatched overall weight saving benefit compared to any other spod rod currently available on the market.
In short, the Century SGR Spod and Marker package is the perfect premium, no compromise addition to your armoury whether it be to complement your existing Century SGR carp rods or simply for those looking for the very best available in modern feature finding and bait application rods today.


    •    Anti-Twist Technology (Gen 2) for accuracy, reduced line frap and assists in achieving distance with less effort.
    •    Graphene enhanced resin system – for lighter blank while still providing strength and toughness.
    •    Composite compound carbon tapers generated though a complex multi carbon fibre pattern architecture.
    •    Autoclave Technology for long life performance retention.
    •    1k-1k carbon weave to top of tip
    •    Titanium Stealth SiC guides
    •    Custom ALPS Black reel seat with laser engraved Stealth logos
    •    Sealed with custom PTFE/silicone low scratch finish
    •    Manufacturing pedigree immersed in World Record casting and Aerospace/Motorsport carbon composite technology
    •    Blank and Rod designed and manufactured in United Kingdom


 You can search for Century Carp Rod for more info about this rod.
Asking price is $925 shipped

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