rod, reel, and tackle storage solutions- hindsight do's/donts/wishlist

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I may soon have an opportunity to revamp my rod/gear storage area.  


Mostly freshwater use weekly, with the salt / bigger stuff coming out less frequently, more seasonally. 


ROD storage:  is there something about ceiling, wall horizontal or wall vertical that you like or dont like?  What do you do, and in hindsight what might you have done differently?


Same goes for gear, plugs, boxes, bags.  


I am just looking for ideas and would like to see what others have done.  



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I am going to dump some old threads here for my own use.  Feel free to do the same if you know of something that was already hashed out.  






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If you have the ceiling height storing rods vertically can help prevent them from warping and sagging. I dont though so i have them on ceilings/walls with hooks spaced properly to try and support the weight as best i can.


Freshwater tackle is in plano boxes which get stored in milk crates.


Saltwater my plastics and terminal are in plano boxes. Plugs, bucktails, and tins get stored on the wall. Then i have a couple milk crates lined with pvc tubes that i can throw a bunch of plugs that i think ill need in. All season i had 3 milk crates worth of plugs/bucktails that stayed in the truck with all my extra stuff hung up at home. Basically just cycled through what was in the crates depending on time of year/moon/bait present etc. 


Everything goes through an assortment of plastic storage totes or milk crates.  Waders to terminal tackle its all in something so it can be easily transported or stacked for storage




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