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point #1 - a post like this belongs in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum under the Fly Fishing BST sub-forum.


point#2 - not too long ago, I contacted VS on the availability of spare 12wt spools for the 10/12 CVex and they had them in stock - have you called them, since you are willing to pay a premium?


Ultimately, I ended up getting the 12wt of the new fly reel, for not much more than than a new CVex 12 wt spool, although I just looked at their site and they do not have any fly reels - did Pure Fishing drop the Fly reels when they bought VS from WC Bradley?

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Thank you 


sorry for posting in wrong forum 


yes it is my understanding they have dropped them 


I have sent them an email and because they discontinued their fly reels I just ordered  a VF 8 HD at a discount. It seems most shops are discounting them to get them out the door 


hoping it serves me as well as my C/VEX has all these years 



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Seem that Pure Fishing always gives me a reasson to strongly dislike them - made-in-China ABU's, and now I have a VS fly reel, practically brand new, that I can never get serviced?  At least I bought VR's when I sold my VS's.  I was thinking of replacing them with VSB's but went with the VR's because my knees and back no longer want me to wade out to the bar - glad now that I went with the VR's..

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