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Any one get the Van Staal VR Series VR75

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33 mins ago, gcjeep14 said:

Hey fabe76, after you spoil- up please let me know how much line the 75 can hold.  I have the 50 and thinking about picking up a 75, and with the upgrades I think the 75 maybe a little stronger.  

I am getting the Gen2 75 (It’s on its way) and got a 50 spare spool with it. I believe that it’s the same body, just different spool? Spools are interchangeable at least and gear ratio/drag is the same.


Planning to put 20lb Sufix 832 on the 50 spool and 30lb Sufix 832 on the 75 spool.

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Currently have the 50 and using 832, 30 lb braid (240 yds).  Also have the 125 and using 30lb braid (300yds), both reels are used on 8 and 9 footers and have handled plenty of fish and working fine.  The 75 with the new upgrades should be a winner.

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5 hours ago, gcjeep14 said:

Anyone who has purchased the vr75, please share your opinion and information….   much  appreciated! 

I did they guy who started this thread, I have not fished it, Initial thoughts and photos are in the thread. 

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11 hours ago, Kidfo said:

Might I ask if you considered the 150 when you made the choice of the 50?  Im asking cause Im torn between the 50 and 150 on a 9'6'' (either Century Slingshot or Tsunami).  Im conscious of adding 10oz of weight going to the 150.  Will the 150 give me significantly more casting distance?  I wont be encountering any 40pounders. 

It was all about the weight for me....... my understanding also is....the Gen 2 50's are supposed to have these stronger gears to help fight bigger fish if, in fact, they come your way.  As far as trying to match my intended purchase of the Weapon 9'6"....the 75 will give me more line capacity without adding significant weight to the reel as opposed to the 50.  The 50 i have right now is matched to a 10' surf rod that weighs only 7 oz......great match and feel to the whole setup :th:

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5 hours ago, fabe76 said:

Just received my VR75 black I’m primarily going to use it for Small Stripers and Albacore from the Beach This is my first VR so I’m asking what type of Braid you guys would recommend And please don’t say Power Pro which in my opinion is Absolutely the worst Thanks PS I was thinking 15 lb for maximum casting distance


14 lb. Fireline Crystal Ultra 8 Carrier......... 40 lb. or so breaking strength with a .23mm diameter :th:

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3 mins ago, jeffapeikin said:

Reading comprehension isn’t my best attribute , sorry about that. Yeah I’d care too. Expensive reel. Good luck with that new setup. Sounds really sweet . 

Gotcha...............I'm pretty confident with the newer Gen 2 VR50's and 75's.........sounds like the upgrade in the beefier spoolshafts and gears are promising for bigger fish :th:

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