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First off, I make NO claims to be a rod builder.  I made a fly rod when I was 14 and that's the last I dabbled in rod building.  That said, I'm fairly mechanically inclined, have a boat load of machine tools and ability to think up a good solution.


My Century Weapon Jr broke a week ago.  Despite owning 5 Century rods, I cannot get a response re warranty so I just decided to take matters into my own hands.  My theory as to how the rod broke was that my rod holders can create a wear point on the carbon as these rods have split grips.  Not much I can do about that and that allowed the rod to snap at that exact point during a fight with an albie.


Since the butt section doesn't flex that much I assume, I decided to make some plugs and sleeves from carbon fiber.  The ID measured 0.380" and the OD was 0.489".  I bought (2) 12" carbon rods from McMaster Carr, being careful to get thin tubes that were close to the wall thickness of the actual rod.  McMaster Carr is awesome for this type of stuff.





The smaller ID tube fit to the butt section with just the perfect amount of friction fit.  However the short section to the grip needed some sanding so I chucked it in the lathe and just kept taking a tiny amount off until it fit perfectly.


I should also note that I cut the ID section about 2.5" shorter than the OD.  Because I wanted the OD sleeve to look clean, I cut it full length.  If they both were the same length I felt it would create a hard spot where both sleeves terminated at the same spot.  This way all the joints are staggered.  The OD sleeve fit without any sanding or modification.  I cut carefully with a cutoff wheel and sanded the cut.


Everything was assembled with West System epoxy and 404 high density filler.  Painted it all up and slid it home.  Cleaned up the excess and all done.  Hope to get out and try it before the season is over.  It did add some weight to the rod and the butt section clearly.  I pair this with a small Certate 3K and should be fine.  After finishing the repair I honestly feel it was overkill and the outer carbon sleeve was probably fine.


Weight of rod before: 147 grams

Weight of rod after: 181 grams





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