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Not sure whether TP XD '21 has already it's own topic here so I'll post it here.

Had the PG 4000 delivered to my doorstep yesterday, took it for a short spin, I have to say the feather light feeling with absolute zero amount of startup inertia is quite bizarre compared to anything I've had or tried before.

I don't want to overhype this new reel buuut it feels on another level to any Certate LT, Exsence, Luvias Airity or TP from '15 onwards, pretty much sure PG (4.4:1) adds to that feeling.

I am not fan of 'police blue' color scheme here but on water, once you start spinning it - you forgive how ugly it is.






Paired with Graphiteleader Aspro 8'2" 30lbs it's just insane how light and easy is to retrieve jigheads with soft plastics up to 2oz.

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It looks nice, I was actually thinking of getting the 2021 SW C for myself for Christmas. But now your thread has me wondering.. What’s the difference in the 2021 SWC vs the 2021 XD? 

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Size, perhaps?

I don't have a chance to try bigger SW brother anytime soon, it is oversized for most of fishing I do. Unless you are speaking of 4000 size - which is still almost 100grams heavier than XD.

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I also was looking over the sw version...got a chance to handle one over the weekend and initial impression was very positive (extremely smooth and drag felt nice - for as much as I could test it with no line on the spool)

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