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Have my fathers old fishing knife on display in my shed. I'm 71 and I can still remember every fishing trip we shared. Down to Wildwood early in the morning for a wooden rental  boat then off to fish for summer flounder. Just as we got ready for our first drift I could hear the THUNK as this knife was stuck into the center board. Then it was game on. He lost it once when it dropped off the dock into the water but the owner, Ernie found it a day later at low tide. 

I can remember back when I was about five years old and the THUNK was always there. I believe he had it before I was born. Now I'm just checking around to see if anyone has an idea about how old it may be. Still has the engraving on one side. 

"Sea Spray"

Ka-Bar Chrome

Sea Spray Tackle

Phila. PA.


Googled Sea Spray tackle but nothing comes up. Emailed Ka-Bar but no reply. Any ideas? Thanks. 


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No idea, nothing comes up for me searching google either.


You could probably clean that rust up easily though if you wanted. Some WD40 a rag, maybe some baking soda, and lemon juice even should take some that rust off.

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That style of Fisherman's Knife was most prevalent from the turn of the century until about the WW-II era.  The knife makers used a small butcher knife but cut in an upswept clip point and scaler backs.  Most were cheaply built by budget knife companies but a few were built by quality knife makers (such as Russell, Case, Remington and Kabar).  Marble's made one with that same style blade that folded into the metal handle (one of their Safety Knife designs).  Sounds like Kabar answered you with good info, that brand name wasn't widespread with them until the WW-II era.

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