Squid Games. good ?

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new series on Netflix.    customers were talking about it today so i looked it up.   sounds like a good show for all ages .......................


People want to mimic some of the events in Squid Game -- minus the murder. In Abu Dhabi, the show's deadly tournament got reimagined for a real-life event at the Korean Cultural Center there. Two teams of 15, wearing T-shirts featuring the show's logo, played Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona candy challenge, marbles, and the paper-flipping game Ddakji.

That might be fun, but things turned grim at a Belgian school. Kids who apparently watched the show even though it's supposed to be for adults played Red Light, Green Light, and beat up those who lost. The school alerted parents and is cracking down on this behavior. The game's still allowed, just not the fights afterwards

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7 mins ago, HugeDinghy said:

Isn’t it a show for teenagers? 


no.   its ma rated.  i didnt know what it was when i heard the conversation today which is why i googled it.  people say its bloody but yet they cant turn away.   number one on netflix in 94 countries says something.

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