Recommendations for Conventional Setup for Jetty Tog

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3 hours ago, Fly By Nite said:

$300 for togging NJ jetties?  Get yourself a 5 dollar jig master or Penn 140 and whatever stick you have laying around and it will be more than adequate. You would be insane to buy anything special to blackfish from shore. Saltiga, Lexa, Newell? Save it for the special occasions. 

Ah yes. I wouldn't scratch up my Saltigas on the rocks.

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On 10/12/2021 at 1:26 PM, Mike said:

Are you going to use that lever to adjust drag while reeling up bottom fish? No, you're not. Do you need a drag set at Strike? No. Why reset the lever drag everytime you drop down? Why mess with your drag at all? Star drag. Set it, forget it. Spool release to drop down. 

The drag on lever drag reels is set before I leave the house with a drag scale. Never adjusted while fishing.  Avet sxj g2 and seigler sgn both with 30 lb. braid set to 8-10 lbs.  sliding the drag lever from off to full on while fishing is not much of a difference from flipping a lever to engage a star drag. 

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On 10/14/2021 at 9:41 AM, Mike said:

And there it is. People use them because they own them and not because it is the right tool for the particular application. If buying something for a particular application, get the better tool for that. 


The OP also wants to cast off a jetty. Every try that with an Avet? Yikes! Damn hard to control. 

Actually I had no problem casting the stock avet sxj g2 with 5 oz. and a chunk. It has the mag control so that likely helped. 

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