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7 hours ago, Bucko said:

Walking and fly fishing is what I do now. In the future i expect to do a lot more walking. 


I am hopeful Chesapeake Bay will be cleaned up and future YOY indexes will improve.

Hope without action is just hope. For hope to happen arses  have to rise from seats.



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On 10/14/2021 at 6:06 PM, Mike Oliver said:

Hope without action is just hope. For hope to happen arses  have to rise from seats.



I'd go a step fuirther and say that hope without action is false hope.

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New family member and work push me to find the hrs to fly cast at night .I did better in the early 2000s fishing at dark for 6 seasons exclusively on plugs for the first two, thinking cover water was the best option to find fish, change to the fly after I learn that finding the the bait, structure and what presentation the fish likes best give me the best results.

Two years after Sandy Storm, I went back to it because of the current topic, this time with much “free” time so is the consistency, same spots, worst numbers in quality fish but also quantity. My logs  and media comments helps tremendously to kind of predict where not to go.


Im fishing exclusively on the fly, it’s  much peaceful in summer, specially near the city, nothing remote from Google maps, just the same popular spots everyone share at day time, lot of work for so many hrs to most of the time bring some poor footage of underwear bait life if any, mosquito bites and few lazy notes to mark the skunks only as a reference, don’t care about fish less nights anymore, seems after a while, you always value more the hunt than the catch, don’t get me wrong, skunks in the cold or bad weather they are heavier that the day time ones, but boy, how much more intense the motivation and rich the experiences  can be even after 90 nights  without a tap and you finally hunt that resident keeper fish the way you want.


Sad to read some, but it’s a great topic to gather info and see other’s points of view.



- My theories 


If it’s not the commercial and sport  fishing pressure, it’s the temperatures, polluted and to me most important factor, the oxygen water levels, this factors in water effect more the summer popular areas along the NE coast, we see bait in greater numbers, probably because it can tolerate  the last  few factors “better” than the game fish.

If we only can honestly post consistently night reports, it will definitely be very interesting to see the full picture at the end of the season, because if we can be constant, logs will show a greater  picture once you put all the factors together, for example, it’s amazing how much different a heavy boats traffic areas on weekends compared to weekdays, kills the bite, it can really be a huge factor fishing before sun up or, just  after sun down when target the weakfish in the back.

The migratory patterns  fish that it’s taking the seasonal ocean currents  probably are not in the same optimal conditions as in the pass for  the  short number of quality migratory fish out there, I believe they currently are drifting in different routes, not a clue here guys, as you see, I’m a total ignorant in the migratory or environmental fields, but Im thinking this bigger fish it’s probably moving farther and deeper east in more colder, clean and better oxygenated water, something similar it’s happening in the Straight of Gibraltar with the Tuna migratory patterns and this patterns are first reported since the Phoenicians times. Tuna still it’s there but can’t tolerate the low oxygen levels as well the bait fish bait move because of the poor oxygen levels in water, Tuna numbers are good, the pounds per Tuna it’s what the comercial fishery’s are concerned about.

We still have a good amount of live present in the usual “local” spots along the NE coast, bait fish it’s all over but not the usual and short number of predators are on them at day time, if you can be consistent at night, I encourage you to do it, probably best time to start it’s the summer months, plenty spots to fish the NJ shore under the beach homes porch lights.





check this one  from the bay please


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