Try to attend! Press conference to protest expansion of replenishment 10/7

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2 hours ago, Mr. Bigdeal said:

It's all our tax dollars......where ever it comes was nice fishin' OC this summer as the jetties had risin from their hell holes....they are now history again as sand was re-placed just recently.. although I watch the E winds this past weekend reclaim the sands of time once again in a matter a 2 days...if they don't rebuild the jetty's like NYS did they may as well just keep making the dredging Cos. and politicians rich as this scam will continue untill someone with some decency is elected.........whenever that happens.

Thank You For the reply.  I watched on Earth Cam Live as the waves took back the sand.  This scam as you call it will continue. it has become a part of the Economy, There is a Great article by the NYT I hope someone can post it 

it is also on NYT Face Book 


It is not just Dredging Co. and Politicians making Money off it all.  The many Conservation - Federations - Green Groups - Tree huggers that take in Donations to hold Protests - Rallies -  for too little to no Return.  I have been in attendance at a few and very few Fisherman show up if ANY 

The largest was in Trenton Pallon held to fight the Salt Water Lic. also more that had a Comercial interest showed up than Fisherman. without them, we would have now one. 




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On 10/7/2021 at 2:30 PM, Dan Tinman said:

 Only one missing was Sudsy.

Unfortunately I was in NC for my niece/Goddaughters wedding (an over the top 3 day affair)

Digger is better than I am at giving speeches anyway, he's actually better than anyone I know at it.

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On 10/11/2021 at 8:40 AM, Cheeckakoe said:

That's ok I would hide    NOT ----But I accept you Apology :hi5:

Scan_20211010 (7).jpg

Sorry some of us are busy working and doing other things. Bottom line wasted tax dollars by the state funded by the capital Budget from the state which comes from Transfer Realty Tax. 

Sorry I was in hiding your internet muscles intimidated me.

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