The most important question of all...

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The most important question of all...   27 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is it?

    • Yellow
    • Blue

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You can only pick one of these plug colors, day or night, what are you going with?


There seems to be a lot of strong opinions on these two colors--might even be a regional thing (NY/NJ vs New England).


For the sack of the poll, yellow over white and blue over white will just be lumped with their primary color.


Everyone knows white/bone and black--we're not going to waste any time here. Also, get out of here with Mackerel patterns...

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If I’m remembering correctly most predatory fish can distinguish blue best, cone photoreceptors and all that sciencey stuff. Hard to argue though with the timeless success of good ol yellow. One thing about yellow though, if you put on a pair of goggles and look at a yellow lure from under water… it actually kind of just looks like a slightly more brilliant bone white. For that reason I think a yellow lure is probably best for delivering a bone white presentation in darker/dirty water conditions.. which probably explains why yellow darters at night is a thing. 
Idk. If I could only pick one for any and all conditions forever, prob just blue over white. That’s basically what every baitfish looks like. 

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Stranded on a island I'd go yellow.  I'll fish that until something blue washes up that I can shape into a plug. Once complete I'll take the belly hook off the yellow and install it on the rear of the new blue plug.  Done.   

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