Very sad day today....

Ben Lippen
By Ben Lippen in Main Forum,
They started taking down the old Pine Beach Firehouse Hall yesterday. The roof went yesterday. Today was the walls.... So many memories. Way before the first of ten SOL Food Flings, it was the place where my town gathered to vote, and have celebrations. I first met Santa Claus there, as did many of my nephews and nieces.  Two of my sisters had their wedding receptions there , great party's with actual live bands, lol.  In the summers back then, there were dances, and all sorts of community related things held there most every other Wednesday of a summer. And of course, that's where the annual Fourth of July Parade started every year. And if you were in the bicycle group like me, it's where you  returned to, to get a free ice cream cup before heading to the sack races and other events that the fire company did down by the river.  Man those were the good old days. So yeah, for me it's more personal. But the times that we all SOLers' spent there for ten years,  going from twenty guys the first year to very near the max capacity of 180 ( pretty sure we were past that a couple times ) in just a few years was an amazing thing to see and be a part of.   I loved every minute of it.  The big backyard where Tammy (TLDig) schooled some guys with her awesome flycasting prowess. Anyone else remember the "around the tree, hit the plate" cast she made? I watched a buncha guys walk off quietly after she did that, lol. BobPop was even there back then giving lessons.  Burgers and dogs cooked on a home made grill made from a big old LP tank.  Derf and Deb, Steve in Mass, and everyone else cooking their arses off in the kitchen. Brewrooms' fantastic beer... It was just, amazing. So much fun and so many friends from far and wide, And far too many lost now since then.  Sad day for me, to see this building go.                 
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