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Where I grew up there was an asphalt company that had dredged several small ponds for sand alongside the Neuse River in eastern NC. During spring thaw the river would always flood enough to cover these ponds. Never failed those ponds would end up with a bunch of fish left in them when the flood receded. They ALWAYS had huge carp in them too. Real easy to spook so we had to be super quiet or they wouldn't bite. It was a blast to hook one with our lightweight fishing gear. Nothing like fighting a 20lb carp with a Zebco 33 reel and whippy rod. Got my line snapped more than once. We also made our "special" carp cornmeal bait.

Great memories. :th: Ol' Mr. Carp puts up a great fight.


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We always just used worms for bait, worms that wepicked up in the yard the night before. 

Good story Fred

My favorite technique for carp is sight fishing, if you see one throw the unweighted worm past the fish about 20 feet.then delicately reel in with the worm just under the waters surface. When you're about two feet away just let the worm sink.

Sometimes they hammer on it with the ferocity of a pike , he'll of a good fighting fish!

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Good story, DG. :th: Carp was the fish that got me hooked on fishing, and it was only 15 inches. 

My dad's best friend, Uncle Bill, used to make a pretty effective corn meal recipe, too. unfortunately, he isn't around to get it from any longer. 

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