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I am wicked happy to show off one of the best fishes I've caught in my life

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Congrats, don't limit yourself  to one species, plenty of fish in the sea, and lakes, rivers, streams, canals. etc. And boats are for having a place to take a date, after all, who wants to fish from a boat, its almost cheating.


Newburyport gonna be under attack tomorrow.


BTW, you do look pleased.

"Thats as big as a fish that size gets" - Russ Wilson
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3 hours ago, curran said:

I don't own a boat, (Its my goal to someday) so I am limited to surfcasting. I went up to Newburyport with my friend and father and had a blast catching them in the surf. I waded up to my chest at times and it payed off. We used clams that we bought from Surfland. I know that it is a common thing to not give away spots, so hopefully these photos aren't too bad. 


These are probably the biggest fish I've caught, and I hopefully and keep catching bigger ones. 



I know that spot.
The damage shown was caused by a slip on the highlighted rock (truthfully, it may have been a different rock). I was walking over to pick up a discarded worm box. 



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