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Selling my gen 1 SOM L120-B reel.

Came in red or blue 

Blue is a very pleasing shade.


in superb condition, i dont even think i have any scratches on it.
ive use it only when cod slaying, and deep drops at canyons slaying tiles infrequently over 15 years.


holds a ton of line   PE2 1200m, PE3 800m, PE4 600m, PE5 500m, PE7 400m, PE8 300m

can use for heavy jigging, speed jigging, slow pitch down to 400 meters easily.

drone fishing (especially using 30lb braid, like 1000m to play with)

Slide baits from pier, live lining.

Bottom chunking with lead.


reel has twin drag, with washers on both side of spool

rated for 20KG drag.

steel gears.

powerful reel.

has line on it, which i can remove if you like.  or you can just spool new line on top to save a few bucks. instead of a full 1000m roll.


for a large reel, its easy to palm.


designed like an accurate, can be upgraded if you take scissors to some accurate boss 665 carbon drags washers.

i didnt change to carbon, as i dont see a need to.


alan tani takes one apart for servicing here if you want to see insides.


i also opened it recently to reoil. its ready to rock and roll out of the box.


gen 2,2.5 currently sells for a eye popping $1500+

design hasnt changed too much too.

im not a fan of gen2,  i like gen1's large spool lip.  if youve experienced holding down braid as its peeling off, youll know why. not fun.


got rid of box many years ago. thought id never sell it after paying over $1100 back then.


looking for $520 shipped fedex insured 2day or overnight to your door.









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how does 450 sound.
ill still ship it 2day or ovn insured regardless.


luckily alantani did the hard work and has all the bearings and sizes incase it needs services come years down the line.
Id probably print a copy of his teardown for reference.

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Alright. That sounds reasonable. Ill pm you.



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