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Mud flats

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Have been hitting the mud flats near me with the fly rod  the past week or so and to my surprise I have had some success! Each time I've been out i've seen fish surfacing and calmly/ sporadically feeding. Amazingly (to me) I have managed to land a few low-mid 20 inch fish in true shallow water, less than 2 feet. Not sight fishing where you see fish in the water, but I have been able to see fish by the little wake theyre pushing. It's a pain to wade in the mud but it's been a blast. 


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That is basically what I have been doing, only from the luxury of a boat with a trolling motor.  It does seem that the very last of the ebb, or beginning of flood work best.  The fish are in very skinny water, and I know that when I am fishing he ebb, I have to be careful not to get grounded and stranded on the flat.  It is fun, and it has been my only reliable way of finding fish lately.

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