Making jigs using typesetting metal

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Has anyone else used type metal to make jigs?

About 4 years ago I was gifted 3 six gallon buckets (the size bucket wine juice comes in) 3/4 full of letterpress type. Each bucket is approximately 60-70 pounds.


Type metal when casted is tougher/harder than soft lead, remains shiny much longer (much slower to oxidize), and weighs in slightly less than pure lead. A one ounce jig in lead is 0.94 ounce in type metal. I’ve noticed whether vinyl or powder paint is used on lead, the paint chips off easier on lead when introduced to hard bottoms/rocks, because the lead is softer and dents causing the paint to crack/chip.


Type metal is comprised of the following and shown are some jigs made from it:





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2 hours ago, Kml said:

The bullet making guys go kukoo for that stuff. You could probably sell it. 


I belong to a local gun club and haven’t heard anyone mention this alloy for pouring bullets. That doesn’t mean people don’t use it for that purpose.

Being harder than pure lead, I would think this alloy would be more aggressive to the gun barrel. Besides, I wouldn’t feel right selling something that was gifted to me.


I basically look at it as a lifetime supply for pouring jigs and spoons.



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