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Truly sad news indeed :(

Eddie was one of the finest individual's I had the pleasure to know. He could bring a smile or laugh out of anyone.

He was the "Boss Man" of the crew from the early get togethers and he originated "The Biggest Bass and Bluefish" year long contest back in '06 and he would always make a lure or three for the winners. A lot of good friendships and bonds were formed from those get togethers.

Every time I saw him he would say "what's up Boss", but Eddie was the true " Boss".

When Eddie put on the hat and "Fish Pimp" was present he reminded us that fishing is fun and we should enjoy it no matter the month, sweet or salt water.

Its to bad it's tragic events like this that brings the old crew out of the shadows, it shows we may not be active and post but we still lurk. (Been meaning to post over the last month or two but can never remember my password or where I wrote it down).

My condolences to his family.

RIP my friend!

Your also joining Scotty "The Silent One"


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Threads like this break my heart...seeing all the love from you guys warms it back up again...RIP Eddie :(


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I always hate seeing thread titles with people's names, especially when it's someone I knew.  I only met him a few times but Eddie was great.

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8 hours ago, Eagles Dare said:

Got to meet him at a couple of Leadfests. RIP Eddie, you were quite a catch!



Thanks Dan I was looking for that today . I remember that day when I filmed it. Never saw that kid Chandler after Eddie got the best of him . Or was it bobbie feeding him all that booze

4 hours ago, Stewie said:

From the passenger seat of the pimpmobile


How much sand was in the front floors 



RIP fish pimp ? I will miss you on the fall migration . Hope you One Dozen and Fish Doc are all together laughing at us mear mortals  Love ya my friend 

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On 8/21/2021 at 6:31 PM, Stewie said:

I am sad to announce that Eddie Taylor, Stripercrazy, passed on to the next world this afternoon. He was the biggest man I ever knew, and the most cheerful person I ever met. The last few years have been very hard for him, chemo therapy, radiation, scary amounts of blood exchanges, yet Ed took it all in stride. He never let it get to him, or stop him from laughing. I don't think anyone ever met the man and didn't love him.


Ed was one of the ten or so members who showed up for the Rhody Castoff in 2004 or 5. The castoffs and other events helped to form a group of about 40 who could be called upon to show up for adventures, or bar B Qs, even in February.

As he got older his desire to plug from slippery rocks at night in the rain, shifted to just being happy to sit in a chair with a spiked rod, hoping to land a skate or a spider crab on a nice afternoon. Or even (gasp) freshwater fishing.


Godspeed Boss. Wherever you are bound, everyone will smile to see you coming.







RIP...He was a good egg. 

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