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Survivor Pool...........week 1

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is everybody in as the season starts tonite??? HappyWave.gif


They better be if they want one of those teams. In the past they could still pick one of the teams for Sunday or Monday's games. Bob you may want to address this NOW!

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just curious,

but why the 24 hour rule....


I hate office pools where people "claim" they slipped something under your door......




we are playing winners only,

not points,

so I don't know why any last minute info would have that big an impact....


that being said,

I always assumed that my pics were changeable until kickoff.... or changeable in general.


Is this true?


If I make a pick on Tuesday, and the starting QB is in an auto accident on Wednesday... can I change the pick? or do you have to live with it?


cause if it's final, my picks will start arriving at 12:59 PM on Sat afternoons.

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I'm not sure about the 24 hr rule either. That means you have to have your pick in by 1:00pm Saturday for a 1:00pm Sunday game. Why? confused.gif The posts are time stamped. I think even an hour before kickoff would be adequate. Let's iron this out ASAP. smile.gif

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I never remember a 24 hour rule either. One reason to wait longer would be because of injury reports.


Another reason is some people forgot about the pool until Sunday.


Or is the 24 hour rule just for the 1st week?



I will take the Packers this week.

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Here is what we have so far, I counted 15 players including myself. New rule is you can pick or change your pick up to an hour before kickoff. If you change a pick do so on a new post, don't edit!


Bob_E (San Diego)



Wasy (Skins)

TL (Rams)

Chief (Rams)


joe torse {NE win)

Possum (Skins)

FnM (Skins)

Tim/Fred (Buffalo)

Fishsticking (Carolina)

Andrew B (Rams)

Tom R. (Packers ) hey Tom!



I'll be away this weekend so if anyone has any extra PC time feel free to add names or changes, good luck everyone, JT is already in the lead!!!

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