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Inexperienced at reel maintenance here. I just got my 5000XG FK back from a Shimano service provider. Based on invoice they replaced pinion gear, drive gear and 4 bearings. 


Problem: reel felt fine off rod, but when retrieving a plug, felt real heavy especially at high speed. There was intermittent knocking during the middle of spool travel as well.


I took reel apart four times (my first four times ever): 


Breakdown 1: found there was only a single RD11146 washer(schematic shows two of them but notes that they could be a discrepancy from reel to reel) plus a fine copper washer on drive gear. Result of breakdown 1 was no change.

Breakdown 2: put copper washer back on. Tried pressing on the bearing in the body (drive gear goes into this one) and felt it snap into place. Result: heaviness was gone but reel geary

Breakdown 3 and 4: tried taking off the copper washer then put the washer back on and results were both the same: geariness. 


So couple questions: 

What should I do to try to fix the geariness?

Could the drive gear bearing in the body possibly have been not properly/fully seated and caused the heavy feeling problem along with the knocking? Would it have been possible to close up the reel without this bearing being properly seated? 

I caught one real small fish with the reel and used it with the heavy feeling for maybe an hour total. Are my gears going to be messed up permanently? 


More of a meta question but do the service shops do some kind of a QC check that duplicates the load the reel will be under when retrieving a plug? Seems like just spinning the handle is not sufficient to know things are working correctly. But like I said I'm real inexperienced at the maintenance stuff. 






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