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August is usually a slow time for me and catching. As a shore fly fisherman who most often fishes sunset this year is not particularly different. I know a switch to nighttime would probably produce better results but I just don’t enjoy it – tangled leaders and old eyes make for more frustration than enjoyment.


Over the last couple of evenings I fished a beach and an estuary on the upper Cape for a couple of hours.  Results were three sub 20 inch fish. The one highlight of the trips was the amount of bait in the water. Lots of schools of small baitfish maybe two or three inches long. Some of the bait appeared to be sand eels others may have been small herring or peanut bunker. The bait however was rarely bothered, just cruising.  A friend calls bait like this “Happy Bait” no predators about so no breaks, swirls or even “footprints”.


May be later at night the action starts or more likely the Bass and Blues just aren’t around.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that laments the dying of the light.  I think the last time a  huge grey seal blew up on a fish I was about to land  on a moonless night did it for me. 

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