What makes a “Great Fisherman”?

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the guy who enjoys it for himself, respects the fishery and environment and keeps his mouth shut..... extra credit if he leaves his cell phone home

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I like to split it up into 3 categories: a skilled angler, a respectable angler, and a great angler. 

Skilled Angler: 

Great at fishing, not a steward of resources and treats other fishermen bad. 


Respectable Angler: May not be the best at catching fish, but eager to learn, respects others and the environment, and looks up to the greats. 

Great Angler: An angler with tons of skill and fish-catching qualities, someone who understands his environment. Not only to catch fish but to understand how important it is to him and other people on the planet. Someone who respects fish and our resources, and is always willing to help someone else get into the sport. Respects other anglers if they aren’t being dumba**es.


Just my 2 cents personally.  

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