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I've got a bunch of pencils to lose. I'm a recent Florida resident, and large plugs just get ignored down here.

I have been blessed to call a lot of the great plug builders, my friends. Because of this, I have a lotta great plugs, and no more use for them.

That said, almost ALL of my plugs, have been fished. They have bruises, dents, hook drags, bite marks, and bridge rash.

If you want pretty, pristine plugs that have never seen water, scroll onward to the next ad, and lose my number! :-)

This lot is 14 pencils, from various builders. I can ID some of them, but not all of them.


The left side left side, is all flat bottomed  (canal) pencils. The right side, are all round.

Left side.

Top. Unknown.

second from top East End Lu.

Fourth from top, Linesider69.

Bottom, Andrew aka Jigman.

Right side top, Bill Couch before he went commercial with CCW.

Fourth from top. Linesider 69.

The rest, I'm not sure about.

Its 14 pencils. Some built by the best builders around.

When you all go to RI in September/October, these plugs will make you superheroes.

Without these plugs, you'll be on the sidelines, crying like bitches.

Dont be bitches! Buy these plugs!

Or, your girlfriend will hook up with the guy who does! :-)

If you can math, you know this is a great ******* deal!

OR, your girlfriend will....










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