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3 years ago, AOC was on social media complaining she didn’t have enough money to rent an apartment in DC.  Was buying her clothes in thrift stores.


Told us congressmen need a raise to keep them honest


Today, she has $1.4m to invest.


On a $178k salary.  



What kind of sucker votes for these people?


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The swamp is a festering c h I t hole of who can make the promise to use someone’s service and or product ..usually under the guise of the politicians sister-in-law’s husband or son in law are some of the easiest deflections ...all contributing to the UNTAXXED campaign fund and or charity ....a o c can’t rent an apartment in wash,d.c. LOL LOL LOL bull c h I t ooooh wait she wanted to live with the pretty people ....another two faced piglet who doesn’t have the democratic set of bosoms much like the wimpy Dems to move into the blu dem c h I t house part of the city ....the tent is much cheaper in those parts of the d c just down the street from catholic university is a very economic apt complex ...where 4 students share an apartment and pay  the rent ...so once again a o c is full of whale c h I t much like the rest of her piggy squad....LOL LOL LOL 

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2 mins ago, KarpsnKatz said:

She should really go for broke, and start selling nudes.

I miiiiiiight buy that

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