Opinions on Saltiga 60 2-speed for larger rec tuna

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Anyone using the newer saltiga 2 speeds in the larger sizes for rec tuna around the Cape? 

Ive got some old 80s and 130s that we use around the bank and out east when there’s the chance for giants, I just hate the bulk of those old penns. 


I want a couple setups I can use for trolling south of MV for smaller fish or even jigging but also has the balls to handle a larger Rec fish using live bait. I wouldn’t be targeting giants with them of course. The saltiga puts out similar drag as the 80w but like capacity would be a concern. Thinking I’d go hollowcore with a top shot. 

what do we think, would I be real undergunned on anything but a smaller bluefin? 

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Avet LX G2 or HXW if you want more line, raptors if you need more drag, both available in 2 speed, super lightweight for their line cap and drag, however, they are prima donnas and need servicing every winter

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