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Rain, Fog and wind

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Over the past week have made the fishing fair to great depending where you set up and what you use. I know when I was more actively fishing one thing I enjoyed was foul weather of all kind and just sitting along the beach, bank or even a boat in complete solace mode . Listening to the fish slapping at the bait or artificial I chose to use at that time. This past week reminded every day some of those times as folks would call and in an excited voice declare, having the past of times that they have ever had with fish so large that it was impossible to find one small enough to take home, but that was ok.  It seems from my many conversations that if you put in your time you were rewarded with acking arms and a sore back . The gear was tested to its limits in many cases some even were willing to come and get me , but I refused . It is rather hard to find my way on the rocks with out the light to see where I am going. I saw one soul who opened up his left leg from a fall after playing out a large fish from the water. He had to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding . Yes the fog,rain and wind can turn on the fish, you just need to find our where. Peace and Prayers  

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