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33 mins ago, MikeMc said:

Isn't it Blanche that's the name and blanch what you do to vegetables? 



Nice :dismay:. He was on a roll ....

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My mother’s mother was Helen, her father Paris, like in the Troy story. 

My mother's name is Anthea, have only run across a couple of others of those over the years.

My sister's name is Helen, not a popular name today. 


Margaret is on the outs, unless they jazz it up to Margo.  

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Had a customer in Texas. Buyer for a large company and her name was Bertha. Always wondered what she looked like. One day she called to see if there were any Harley stores around because her and her husband both rode. My imagination ran wild picturing what a woman named Bertha would look like on a Harley in Texas. I finally asked what size shirts she needed. She said her husband took a 3XL or even 4XL while she took a small. 

The company I worked for hired and order import person and she was introduced as BJ. I asked her what her real first name was and she said, Beejay. Must have been tough for her in school. 

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