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Penn Slammer III 5500 reel handle screw issue

Ed Z

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So here is an odd one. I got my Slammer III 5500 back along with several other reels from my service guy a few weeks ago. Didn't use it as my truck had 6 other rods in it. Went to use it the other day, and noticed the reel handle screw was out. Tried screwing it in, but, it wont catch on the threads. It fits in the handle by itself no issue. It fits in the reel by itself no issue. But when you put the handle in the reel slot, the screw goes in, but wont catch the threads. I can turn and turn and it doesn't go in. Tried a Q-tip in case there was sand, no difference. Had someone else try in case it was me, same issue. I'm 145 miles away from my service guy so I cant bring it in. 

Any thoughts?






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Take a closeup of the screw -- are the threads stripped? 

That's the only thing I can think of. That should screw in very easily if everything is as it should be.

Terri Mae does not approve this message, but screw him.

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Hi Ed Z,


Sorry to hear the handle is giving you trouble.  It's possible the threads in the joint are worn and the handle needs to be replaced.  The handles are currently out of stock but I should be able to find a substitute.  I will message you for your shipping information.



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