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Cubalaya reel

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  • 2 years later...
2 mins ago, BG_NJ said:

Hard to justify $500 over the price of a Danielsson

Did SA stop making System 2 reels for less than $200?  :eek: 

Show someone how to catch striped bass and they'll be ready to fish anywhere.
Show someone where to go striped bass fishing and you'll have a desperate report chaser with loose lips.

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Give us a user report when you've put some fish on it.


I myself would pass. The Colton reels I have please me no end. And I still hope that someday I will be surprised by yellowfin tuna inside Port Jefferson Station, so I definitely want a reel with a drag.


This does remind me of something else, and since the memory's from years old, it's largely forgotten. I and RJ were at the big fly show in New Jersey. There was a reel maker there, an elderly gent with his wife, who had just one reel that he'd built. A custom piece, with a golden plate on the crank side, and it was effin' gorgeous. Drop-dead beautiful, and I think it was $800-$900. I wish I remembered who that was. I think it came in a nice wood case.

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On 7/4/2021 at 1:20 PM, DAQ said:

Andy Mill has caught hundreds of tarpon and if I remember correctly he sets his drag at 2-4 lbs. I'm sure, with good fighting skills, tarpon could be taken efficiently on a C&P reel. 


As for schoolies, they get stripped in, the reel doesn't matter. Even big striped bass are not particularly hard or long fighters.  

In his earlier days he did but these days his reel of choice is the Hardy Fortuna that he helped develop, and that reel goes from less than 2# drag to max drag in 1 turn of the drag knob, a feature which he does use when he fights tarpon.  


I'd disagree, a C&P drag, even with a good angler, is not an efficient way to land a big fish.  Being able to crank up the drag and keep constant pressure on the fish helps beat them very fast.  I guarantee no matter how good someone is, with a C&P reel you frequently end up with zero pressure on the fish.  With a real drag (no pun intended) you can fight a fish with constant max pressure on it.  That's critical to beat a fish fast with minimal harm to them.  There's also a big difference between setting the base drag on a reel at 2-4# and the zero drag of a C&P. 


You can palm a reel but to paraphrase someone I respect, adjusting a drag by palming the reel is as accurate as adjusting a Rolex watch with an air wrench.  There's a reason why all the really big fish records on fly have been caught on drag equipped reels and not C&P.

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There's is no way you're going to win a battle against a big poon with a C&P noooo waaay! For schoolies and non hard fighting fish sure I wouldn't even use it for albies. My friend drag went MIA on a ablie trip and he basically had to hand line it   palming and pinching the line with fingers wasn't enough to prevent backlash.

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I have a really hard time buying into this reel at the price point. For similar price, you can get a reel of similar materials with a well designed drag system. So the price vs materials vs tech thing just sort of bothers me. If I want to play a fish without drag, I can just release the drag to extremely low or off. 


I do like fishing click and pawl reels though and do find the fight fun for schoolies. Guys used to fish the big fish all the time with dragless reels, but they were also the first to jump on new drag technology to land more fish as well as get the fish in quicker. 


But I love the concept and if these reels were going for 200 - 300 I could see myself owning one. 

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I could have gotten another Nautilus cheaper than this...I love them...I have 5. I have Cheekys, Lamsons, A few Allens, Some cheap Redingtons. It wasnt about the money or what I could have bought. Its about buying something I think looks cool, will be fun, and is different. Its only going to be used for stripers and weakies. Not concerned with a drag for what I am targeting with this. I agree these are pricey for what they are but some dude is making them on his own and I love that. We have to keep fun in what we love too...its fishing. 

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On 7/2/2021 at 5:17 PM, flysully said:

It seems to me everything HillTop said above is true as he's comparing practicality/performance and price re the aforementioned CubaLaya vs.known reliable reels he's mentioned that we all buyw/recommendations on this forum, like Colton, etc., and now, this new CubaLaya reel appears. HillTop manufactures Valentine reels and has for 45 yrs. as he said,  + he knows what saltwater fishermen need in their purchased reels. He fishes his reels so he knows how they perform and what's needed to refine the reel. IMO, practically nothing! He's shown me his V reel on the beach while fishing and, if I needed a new reel, I'd purchase  a Valentine flyreel:) I was very impressed with its features and so, would purchase another reel, when needed, from Valentine. 

  In this thread re CubaLaya reels, I value HillTop's comments if I were considering purchasing a CubaLaya reel. I think you'd know which reel or other flyreels I'd choose other than a CubaLaya:)


Wait, what?!?!  HillTop is the manufacturer for Valentine reels???  If so, that is so cool!

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