Older Storm lures lot.

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Lot 1. Jointed Thunder stick. Perch $8.

Shallow Thunder 15 blue Mac. $10. 
Mag Thunder stick 16. Blue steel shad $8. Or Chrome gray minnow $8. 
Lot 2. Shallow Mac. Flo red. $10. Or Blue chrome $10. Big Mac blue chrome $10.   Little Mac blue scale $8. Or Blue Mac $8. 

Lot 3, Kicking stick 12. Black chrome, Blue chrome, Rainbow, blue steel shad. $6. Each

Lot 4, Saltwater Thundersticks  4 1/2”. Metallic silver, mullet, gold metallic mullet, blue back metallic mullet $4.00 each. Shipping $5.00 for the first lure, $1.00 for each additional payment by money order, no pay pal etc 






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Length and weight of the saltwater t-sticks and mag t-stick

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