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Nassau community college was around the block from work, there would always be 2 black squirrels by the fountain 

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On 6/24/2021 at 9:42 PM, phishallways said:

Wonder if it has white privilege?

Black Squirrels Matter. :p

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On 6/28/2021 at 6:08 PM, bdowning said:

Black Squirrels Matter. :p

Black squirrels are actually native, the larger grey squirrels are invasive species


fun fact

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White squirrels are almost always a white version of the eastern grey squirrel. There are a few types of genetic aberrations that cause the white coats. The first is albinism, caused by a mutation on a gene that codes for pigmentation. Albinos have red eyes. The other is a white morph, caused by a different gene. It is a naturally occurring trait of eastern grey squirrels that is very, very rare. In our study, we’re trying to figure out just how rare.


For some odd reason, eastern grey squirrels in the US do have a gene that will make their coats white. It’s somewhat rare to see a white squirrel, though, because white squirrels are likely highly selected against. In other words, predators to squirrels such as hawks really like it when their prey is highlighted white!


There are a few towns in the US, though, that have very high numbers of white squirrels. This could be for a few reasons. First, predators in towns tend to be low. This cancels out the negative selection against the white morph. Sometimes in towns, a few neighbors will also select against the normal coloration of eastern grey squirrel. Yes, that happens. After a few generations, all you get are whites, and they can spread to the rest of the town! 


The Big 5 White Squirrel Towns

Marionville, MO (read)

Brevard, NC

Olney, Il

Kenton, TN

Exeter, Ontario Canada (web)


Other Places with lots of reports

Washington DC area

Bowling Green, KY

Minneapolis, MN

Downtown Boston

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