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Howdy and Hello to the StripersOnline community, been lurking for a bit and decided to wade into the water. Looking forward to learning a lot from you all and hopefully in due to time contribute as well!


Just started getting into fishing about three seasons ago, got a lot to learn!


Snapper Blues are what pulled me in; I gotta say I love snagging these little fellas!!


So for this season I put together a box of different lures to mess around with and got a couple of dedicated Snappa' setups —Diawa Procyon PCY602LFS w/ Shimano Sienna 500FG; 8lb Suffix 832. Can't wait to get these into action.


So for my first post…What's your ULTIMATE Snapper Blues COMBO?!?


Rod, Reel, Line, Lure


Here's mine (at the moment): Dark Matter Fish Hawk Rod, Shimano Vanford 2000, 6lb Suffix 832, 1/4oz Chrome Blue Kastmaster Single Hook Bucktail for targeting the Big Ones!! LOL (Tide Rite Snapper Stopper Rig on Backup for when the big ones aren't around.)


I know it's a ridiculous question as most folks just grab whatever's on hand, but indulge me!

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After I've done some diggin on how bad the bluefish population is, and how important they are as a food source to the ecosystem, I personally stopped targeting snapper blues.  

I still fish light tackle in the summer but focus on bottom feeders.  Fluke, scup, sea robins, whatever else. 


8.5ft ML rod. 4000size reel. 10-15lb braid and 15lb flouro leader.  I like a bit heavier rod in case I hook that doormat fluke or 10lb Tog.   It's happened a few times

Usually 1/2oz tins, spoons & jigs.  Tipped with GULP or bait.  

But I also have a small needlefish and a metal lip on hand. 


I will keep a bluefish now and then, just like I would a striper, but I'd rather take 1 3-5lb blue over 3 snapper blues. 



Eta.  Just my opinion, I don't judge on what others do.  



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I grew up fishing for snappers.

Never had a rod/reel which  I purchased specifically for snappers.

I just used some lightweight beater gear that was already on hand because snapper fishing gets everything covered with tiny scales and I’m usually on some crowded dock or jetty with lots of other anglers around me.

I don’t want some clumsy footed angler breaking a good rod or knocking it into the water.

A $25 combo from Walmart is perfect for snapper fishing.

Maybe 8 or 10 lb mono.

A tiny spoon, like a red and white daredevil,  connected to your line with a snap  will get you all the snappers you care to catch.

Don’t even bother with bait.

I’ve  never seen bait out fish a small shiny metal lure when it comes to snappers.

It’s Some of the most fun fishing you can have  if you’ve got young kids.



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I would go with a 4000 reel and a 7 foot light action rod. Just curious, what is the weight of these fish you are catching? Some guys call anything under 4lbs a snapper? Are you using them for bait or catch and release for fun?

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I use whatever light spinning set-up is closest to my garage door on the way out but I always make sure to bring a snapper popper with a small metal jig at the end. I retrieve it with an almost walk the dog type action and its a killer, even compared to small kastmasters or spoons. 


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Like Valentine I became / remain a saltwater surf fisherman because of the mighty Bluefish. Overtime I chased those fish with lighter tackle using 7ft Bass rods & 7wt fly rods. As a practical matter for fishing lines & leaders I rarely use anything less than 20lbs test (8X braid is super thin and super strong).


As of yesterday after almost 50 years of fishing for yellow eye devils … I got what promises to be the ultimate Schooligan, Taylor Blues, Albie Surf rod set up. 

A 10ft Black Hole Suzuki special paired to a Shimano Stradic 5K FL with 200 yards of Sufix 832 / 20lbs test braid. Taken together with some 1 oz lures … it’s an ultra-light surf rod set up that has a high schwing factor going for it.




Anyhow that’s what we’re fishing today… that over time it's what we have evolved to.


Catch a Big one!

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I will use a similar setup to jvisconti. I like to use a casting egg with a small kastmaster a foot or two behind the casting egg. The casting egg will allow you to cast the tiny kastmaster. Works really well in the surf as well





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It's been interesting hearing your responses to this...


I guess I have been fortunate enough to enjoy Snappers from a private dock so haven't had to worry about the other fisherman factor; except for constantly dehooking fish for kids and being piled up on the end of the same dock together —fast and quick snappers are the best way to get kids into fishing, however getting them to understand that most of the time bites aren't that consistent is tough afterward.


Looks like we all agree Kastmaster/Metal behind popper/egg always does the trick. The rigs last forever too, so no need for the expense of bait.


Because we spend so much time enjoying them we keep 3/4 setups on standby and accordingly going to start specializing those setups to "maximize" the fight.


I would say we C & R probably over 1000 each season; we only keep a small handful (within regs) maybe once or twice a season for a little family fish fry. So overall, I wouldn't say we're decimating the population. But I am open to hearing otherwise.


Regarding sizing, for me, Snappers are SMALL, found this on another forum, good breakdown:


(( If I am not allowed to copy and paste info like this PLS LMK.)) 


Snapper=YOY anup to a pound
Harbor=3-6lbs (inshore caught)
Slammers=8-10 lbs
Racers=4 to 8 pounds but long and thin by the end of that season they will become choppers
Gorilla/Gator/Monster/Pig= any blue over that 11 pound mark
Some of these overlap but it is because they are terms used in other parts of the east coast





KironaFly been putting together that very setup!!  Got a 9'6" Suzuki trying to find an Ultegra 5K to pair —might wait until new 2021 stuff drops.


Currently running a Trophy 2 8'6" w/ Stradic FJ 5K for SpringSchool duties; was originally bought for Albies but hasn't seen them yet.

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I did some pretty serious snapper fishing back in my day. I wouldn't go over a 4000 size reel probably much smaller if you truly want a dedicated snapper setup. For a rod I like a 6'6. 6lb braid is probably plenty but I mainly used mono. C0EC25AD-81AC-481B-B8B8-973F4C6AA2B2.jpeg.07a0e4862b9501ff24307b3e0419ec2f.jpegI used to absolutely destroy snappers with this two inch rebel, but chunking for them was my preferred method if it was a serious trip. 

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