Finding Bunker in Pawcatuck River

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Looking for some tips on snagging or netting bunker in the Pawcatuck River (by boat).  Haven't forayed into this yet but this will be the 3rd year with my boat and want to start live lining or chunking for bass with my 11 & 14 year old boys.  I have a cast net and weighted trebles...have seen them in the river on occasion but not frequently.  Just looking for some pointers as I don't fish with or know of others that do it or where to go for them consistently.  Any tips would be great!  Thanks...

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I'm not a boat guy and don't know that river but 

1st light, calmer water look for nervous / rippled looking surface disturbance for bait schools 

use fish finder if they're deeper 

Follow the commercial bunker boats 

Conventional wisdom I think is they swim oriented into the wind 

Filter feeders so look for suspended particulates they'd feed on





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On a calm night you can hear them flipping 

Historically along the boatyards in avondale  were good areas to start the hunt (south end along the moorings on both the ri. and ct. sides)

There are times when they would go all the way up to the route one bridge, especially when being chased by Bluefish.

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10 hours ago, Animal said:

They're always there. Just keep your eyes open, and don't forget to watch the sky. The ospreys clued me in more often than not. 

Here there stranger.

You must be nearly through downing a 12 pack of Bud by now.

Sucks that we lost another one.

Peace out brother!


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