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Power knob sizing for Diawa MQ 10000

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Hello Folks,

I just ordered a new Diawa BG MQ 10000 and now looking for a nice power knob to match up with it.  I'm thinking a 45mm Gomexus would probably be about right--but that's only a best guess.  


Can anyone recommend a power knob that will "direct fit" onto this reel handle.  Please also let me know if you think the 45mm is too small or large.


I could not find any handle shaft length/type/dimensions that supports the knob, so not sure which knob to order.   However, I did find a replacement part for the entire handle, which is: "J41-6501"


The Diawa MQ 10000 handle looks the "same" as the original Saltist 5000 handle (just different color), because the knob is removable the same way with just a screw driver.  So maybe I can just order a Gomexus power knob that would direct fit the Diawa Saltist 5000 and maybe it would fit the new BG MQ 10000--again I'm guessing here.  Would appreciate any guidance from anyone more experienced.


Many thanks,






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I don't know....what if I remember something new. You can change it for a new one of these bg mq ARK, but for Asia!.


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