Seeking saltwater capable UL spinning reel recomendations

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11 hours ago, Russ57 said:

Just to be clear guys.


I have always been a salt water guy but a couple of years ago I was mowed down by a drunk driver while mowing my yard.  So now I am badly broken and poor (we are talking 1Mill+ in medical bills and 7 months in a wheel chair and I'm lucky to have survived).  I don't want my salt water fishing days to be over and investing a lot in freshwater UL reels makes me feel like I am caving in and giving up.  Still I have to be realistic and need to get out of the house and doing some fishing.


I have enough salt water rods and reels 2500 size and up.  I'm just looking to add 3-4 reels in the 500-2000 size range.  I want something decent, and maybe something that isn't going to seize up the second it smells salt water.  At the same time I don't want to make such a financial commitment that I end up mentally feeling like I have decided I'm abandoning all hope of get back out in the blue water.


Just so you understand where I am coming from.  And Please, no pity party needed.  It wasn't the point of this post.  More like I want you guys to understand why I need some reasonable priced UL reels.  Right now I need them to get me fishing and out of the house.  Later on I hope they don't get much use.  Still there are some salt water fish in my area that could be caught with a 1000/2000 size reel so salt water capable is a plus (but not essential).

You may want to include a price range.  The Fuego is $100 or so and is mag sealed.  The Daiwa LT series in general are lighter and hold more line than their counterparts.  There are cheaper reels in the LT series as well, but not sure how well some would handle salt.

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On 6/13/2021 at 11:44 AM, Russ57 said:

Reel will likely be used mostly in fresh water but I'd prefer something that can handle saltwater.  I could see it used for catching bait and maybe flats/inshore fishing.  Mostly fresh water exotic panfish/peacock bass.


Would like low weight, great drag, and reasonable/low price.  I was thinking Fuego or Nasci.  Kinda like something along the line of what the old Daiwa 1300 ss was just a bit smaller/lighter.  200 yards of 6# mono would be nice but I could live with 150 I guess.

Take a look at the Daiwa BallisticLT line.

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