Lamiglas GSB 10' vs. ODM EVOLUTION

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21 mins ago, unclebunker said:

Lighter. Stronger.Quality control isn't considered a nuisance.Customer service is important to them.

Have you owned a GSB 1201M?

The GSB is less than 2 oz heavier than the Evo.

Put a 21 oz reel on either rod and I doubt you feel any difference.

Stronger? GSB’s have been around for decades. I’d say that’s a testament to quality.

Lami’s customer service might be lacking these days, I wouldn’t know mine don’t break. If they did, I wouldn’t even warranty them as some have served me well for over 2 decades.
The Evo is an excellent rod. Built several and a 10 footer may in the future for my self.

Much to like about both makes, don’t feel one is superior to the other.


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23 mins ago, irishexit said:

Primarily sand beaches

A few trips out to Montauk a year.

I would say sand beach and back bays ODM. Montauk, boulders, jetties - GSB

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4 hours ago, irishexit said:

Deciding between these two.

I'm aware of price difference and one piece vs. two

What kind of lure weight rating does each one of those have?



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