found this in a Mark Levin discussion. Did you know Karl Marx was a journa

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Karl Marx was a journalist who decided to write about politics.  

His writings were sponsored by a certain wealthy banking family that is one of the wealthiest families in history. Why would they fund writings on these types of beliefs? Right before the Bolshevik Revolution, Trotsky visited NYC looking for support and received it in the form of several million dollars from a wealthy banker. Why would this banker and his friends support a communist Revolution? Throughout the Cold War, American corporate interests and often the intelligence services were allowed to support the Soviet Union and in fact helped keep them afloat when otherwise they would have imploded. Why? I thought they were our mortal enemy? This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I would ask you to consider what the Great Reset is, what are the goals behind it, who is pushing it? Now ask yourself, do you really understand history or do you only see it through the prism you have been told to?


Seems we "All" need to learn more about History before our lack of knowledge allows us to destroy ourselves again...


Mark Levin — What does American Marxism really mean?


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Control the media communism 101....c n n and the self admitted propaganda ...the 60 million pablum puking ignorant Dem voters are being fork fed the demedia bull c h I t up their rectums and are to stupid to turn the channel ...it must be that pro violence ,racist dem narrative that these dirt bag Dems worship ....

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Marx was supported by Engels, he spent a lot of time in Manchester sniffing at the mills which attracted rural workers to the city, the mills also gave the irish someplace to go for work.

A statue to Marx was recently erected in manchester, I'd throw red pain on it but I left the UK 50 yrs ago.


And Trotsky wasn't his real name. He was born Lev Bronstein, jewish, he led the red army in the revolution.

Many jews believe the only crime the communists committed was repressing jews, everything else was just ducky.

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