Dad and I went fishing today

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I knew it would take awhile for hi. To gear up. My dad is obsessed with what he has in his plug bags. No pictures, but I just wanted to hit this estuary in plymouth before the parking cutoff date.


I asked him why he was putting on waders, and he said " I might want to wade. 


He grunts like I do putting on gear.

" Dad, I sit down to put my socks and sneakers on too".


Dad chuckled " get use to it " . I asked if he brought my fast lightweight. He didn't . Said it was my fault. I had a 9'10 canal rod and a garbage stratus. A bag full of 2+ouncers.  


One thing I've learned is if dad stakes a spot ( Ellis, Saco,  Swift ) stay away from him. The spot was was outgoing, but I twitched my canal beater and my sand eel hit the Bushes across the cut. 


There was no way my stiff arse pole was going to be useful at this spot ( many here know it ) . 


I tossed the rig and watched dad. I walked past this stupid plover that walked in front of me. I almost stomped it. Stupidest animals ever. 





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Asked Dad to meet me an hour before high when the lazy ones hit the mouth. He said " I'm taking your grandma out for lunch tomorrow.  94 years old and she still squashes his fishing fun. 


The problem with this spot is that you have a 30 minute tide window. Stripers are lazy AF!. They prefer  sitting on their ass waiting for food. I hate them!. They make so angry. If I wanted lazy catches, I'd drop a madam x Ina hole and get action that way 

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FEW3                       Just think of the times he took you fishing along the banks of some shore line and all of the fun you had . The early morning get out of bed routine some breakfast and a ride to some place of mystery you never saw before ,but only for your father did you get to be part of his life and soul, now he his looking for you to be part of his life and soul with memories from the past . Enjoy the ride while you can for in the near future you will see a different picture as time waits for no man. Peace and Prayers

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