Best footwear for the surf???

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I love these Orvis boots.  It's decently light and super comfortable.  I added these particular spikes to them for walking the rocks.


Spikes rust after a year of use, but I got plenty to replace.  I think I have these boots for 3years now.




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I was just coming to post a similar question. I wear stocking foot waders and boots because I walk a lot. I had an older pair of Simms boots, I think they were the older version of the Freestones. They lasted 7-8 years. They got really tough, stiff and heavy. I replaced them about 3 years ago with some another pair of Simms, an older version of their Flyweight boots. They served me well. I really liked how light they are but after 3-4 seasons they are breaking down.


I'm looking to replace them and thinking of another pair of the flyweights, their new Freesalt boots that are supposed to be made for saltwater. I'm also considering other options. Curious to see what others recommend.

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I have a pair of Korkers Darkhorses, lasted about 3 years so far for me without problem besides the occoasional sand getting caught in the Boa lace. Fairly comfortable and I just love the interchangeable soles on Korkers.

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