Divide Between Law Writers And Law Enforcers

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If you haven't noticed there is a wide, and growing chasm between those that write the laws, and those tasked with enforcing those laws.

We have law makers calling to defund police, allowing those very words to remain painted on DC streets by the mayor.

We have representatives accusing the police, all the police, of running a system that is racist to the core...all police departments everywhere.

The police are being targeted by the citizens and law makers in both rhetoric and budget,

The police, to their credit, so far, have taken these criticisms to heart, and some are making changes, firing officers for mistakes that used to be swept under the rug. Other things like body cams, and body mics. Restricting holds and tactics, less than lethal force options...damn near giving the criminals the upper hand as they have no rules.

How long until the police can't bend any more, and either break, or refuse to enforce the laws?

Will we be in a closer, more united communities, if we have to defend our homes, and not pawn off the duty to paid thugs, like the police are viewed as?

Is that what Joe, and co, mean by uniting us, and meeting on common ground, as we all take our turns on neighborhood watch, a well organized militia, patrolling the streets, protecting our homes 24/7/365?


Do you see what I am clumsily trying to say?

This divide between the law writers and law enforcers can not be allowed to fester, and grow, if we are to be a well functioning country.

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The blue de M controlled c h I t city's will just get c h I t t I e r....the DEM  NARRATIVE of violence racism will be more prevelant...every thing a de M touches turns to c h I t..I mean c h I t t I e r 

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