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Chinese document discussing weaponising coronaviruses

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A trusted trade partner LOL LOL LOL long as your paying them ...I believe in ww2 the chineese wanted the payment in gold up front before the chineese would build the Burma  road or a landing strip ...they aren’t nice people 

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This is what germ warfare looks like folks. The Chinese launched a biological attack on the western world. Anyone heard a peep out of Hong Kong since this all began? What was happening in Hong Kong immediately before this attack?

   Remember how much pressure Trump was putting on China immediately before this attack? The Chinese don't have to worry about Trump anymore either. They pre-ordered Joe Biden and got a discount. They bought the leader of the free world for <$40 million. The skirmishers will be along any minute now to hijack the thread. Maybe blame Trump for all the casualties. The truth is, the 1st shot of WWIII was fired by China.

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And mNRA vaccines are a gigantic middle finger to the ****n c_hinks.


You wonder why they are downplaying the success of the vaccine programs?


Engineer a new virus?  


Boom - prototype vaccine in a few weeks.



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