Netherlands May 9th. 2021

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With a sudden rise in temperature I hoped fish activity might be on the up today.
Still not able to get to my waters across the border due to pandemic issues I fished
the muddy stream on my side of the fence again.
Insect activity had increased but I could not spot a single surface feeding fish.
A few nibbles of small fish was the only thing I could muster fishing the nymph.

When I finally hooked a small roach and thought skunk was avoided a pike came
out of nowhere and took off with my fish.
Now I had to battle the pike on very light tippet, but believe it or not the pike 
remained connected.
I made the net ready but at the last minute the pike let go, apparently not hooked.
What remained was the little roach which consequently fell of the hook.


Bites where scarce but finally I hooked another small roach.
Fishing was not going great, the water was a bit higher than usual and murky.
The faster shallow water behind a weir yielded one dace and another small roach.
The last spot of the day was also pretty dead, nothing at all was moving.
The sudden heat had brewed up some dark clouds during the day so I called it quits early.
My skills of forecasting electrical storms had let me down in the past so
I was not going to risk it by staying out.











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Beautiful pictures, as usual... What is that concrete piling on the last picture ?


Have a great day

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That piling marks the border between the Netherlands on the left and Germany to the right.
I am basically cut off from the good fishing spots as they are on the other side.
Crossing it without an official covid test bares the risk of a fine from 150 bucks on the lower
end to about 25000 in the worst case.

As I live on the border and can distinguish the German lingo and license plates I figure 
a lot of people take chances.


Best example was May 1st. when the Germans had an official holiday.
In Germany everything was more or less closed down due to covid and on a public holiday nothing is usually open.
We have outside dining, they do not. Shops are open with the only requirement being wearing a facemask.
In Germany many shops require a negative covid test in addition to the face mask.
The result on may 1st. was that the city was crowded with Germans, not tested off course but wanting a piece

a normal life back like every does.


The end of this all is that there will be a 2-lane society.
Those who get vaccinated are allowed to travel by means of an EU vaccine passport, 
those who decline are being left out.

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Wow Marcel I didn't realize how bad it still is over your way. Real saddened to hear that . I hate to ask but the club you belong to and did all the work improving isn't in Germany is it ? 

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