The Gretchen Whitmer Scandal is Blowing up in her maskless face!

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First the lake house.  Next the trip to Florida.  Now ALL the lies she told about the trip to Florida, and it just doesnt stop.


Now we find out she took favors from powerful leftists and used their fleet of private uber rich planes to get there to spend three days with her dying father (she spent a week on the beach, and here dad is fine).


Leftists, Q for D.  How many of YOU have gone so far to insinuate one of your parents' is suffering ill health so as to cover up your left wing political agendas?

How did it work out?  How did you succeed (if you did) where Comrade Whitmer has failed?

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If true ,classic two faced bitch politician ....c n n will propaganda her as the victim and the ignorant demsvwill believe the cock n bull c h I t story..when is her lake house open masked or unmasked LOL LOL LOL ..

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What does "blowing up" mean?


She's still rich, a Governor, in power, and living like a queen, while the rest of us can do nothing but cry about it.

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