Newsweek Op-Ed: Wokism Is Systemic Racism

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Several things to note here:


While an opinion piece of the writer, this was reviewed and was published by Newsweek. Is this a sign of something as people are starting to become vocal in their backlash to wokism? Does the DEMedia sense some sort of shark tank moment approaching?


Do they see Florida banning Critical Race Theory from state schools and other states making such moves soon? And Tennessee which just did the same.


Anyway, is that shark pool within sight? 

Newsweek Op-Ed: Wokism Is Systemic Racism




Almost daily that racism is evil, and that they are the ones fighting it. Yet, their ugly and racist reactions to Senator Tim Scott's (R-SC) speech demonstrate that the woke Left is no different from the very racists they condemn. The woke Left judges people and treats others differently based on the color of their skin, with particular hatred reserved for minorities who don't embrace the woke ideology. The only difference between the skinheads and the woke Left is that the woke Left hides its racism under cover of nice-sounding words such as "fact-finding," "equity," "social justice" and, of course, "anti-racism."


The woke Left's racism is not a phenomenon that exists only on social media. It has permeated throughout our society, from the government to health care to large corporations and schools. It is becoming a systemic problem in America.


Woke racism has influenced how governments at both the federal and the state/local levels have structured COVID-19 aid programs to Americans. For instance, as soon as Joe Biden became the U.S. president, he announced that his administration would restructure the COVID-related small business loan program by prioritizing businesses owned by minority and female Americans. A month later, Democrats in Congress wrote a special clause in the "American Rescue Plan," a federal COVID-19 relief package, instructing the secretary of agriculture to provide debt relief to farmers based not on concrete needs but on the color of recipients' skin.


Woke racism has also influenced essential health care decisions. Some woke "health experts" argued that "social justice concern," alongside "science," should help drive the CDC's decisions about how to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine distribution. The CDC created a "social vulnerability index" to help guide distribution. The index de-emphasized the elderly even though they are the most vulnerable segment and have suffered the highest fatality rate over the course of the pandemic. According to The New York Times, woke "experts" openly spoke about how letting the older populations who are also whiter die helps "level the playing field." An infectious disease expert at Harvard even argued that teachers weren't essential workers because "they are often very white." For anyone ever wondering how a death panel of government-run health care might operate in practice, these woke experts' normalization of racism should send chills down the spine.


Given the growing wokeness of America's big corporations, no one should be surprised to learn that American workers are indoctrinated with woke racism disguised as mandatory diversity training.....


Woke racism even now affects adoptions by discouraging white families from adopting black children. Naomi Schaefer Riley, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, concludes that such an approach "meant that a lot of Black children languished in foster care rather than finding permanent homes" because "there are many more Black children in foster care than there are Black families volunteering to take them in."


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And she has a point....

Think that "blue lives matter", you just might be a racist according to these professors of "Critical Race Studies" promoting the acceptance of "reflective justice" by white people



U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee workshop helps participants to ‘confront whiteness’


The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently hosted an event featuring a pair of “Reflective Justice” experts who helped attendees “confront whiteness in the campus community.”


The April 29 workshop was part of the Honors Antiracism Event Series and led by Beloit College’s Lisa Anderson-Levy and Catherine Orr.


The UWM Honors College “seeks to be a radically welcoming space where all students, staff, and faculty can flourish and experience genuine belonging,” reports Wisconsin Right Now.


According to the event description, the professors contend whiteness can be when a (white) student “says or does something — even unintentionally — that targets students of color,” or when a (white) faculty member “believes that ‘blue lives matter’ is equivalent to ‘Black Lives Matter.’”


Workshop participants were “encouraged” to read a pair of articles: One, a New York Times piece, says “Mr. [George] Floyd’s death is the story of our babies, of the numerous black children who grow up literally or metaphorically under the steel heel of a police boot.” The other is about black students at PWIs — predominately white institutions — which “allow white and rich students to silence, manipulate and demean students of color.”


Orr and Anderson-Levy run “Reflective Justice,” which claims to “build communities of mutual liberation.”


“Our vision of professional development is about promoting institutional environments where white people can move beyond their fears and join with black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) in the work of reflective justice, an essential element of our mutual liberations. In short, our work is about decentering whiteness in institutional spaces so everyone can thrive,” the site’s main page says.


Orr is the chair of Critical Identity Studies at Beloit, while Anderson-Levy is an anthropology and Critical Identity Studies professor. Both also run the Decolonizing Pedagogies Project at Beloit which states in its “Free Speech” section that speech “will never be truly ‘free’ until all people are free and equal members of society.”

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