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.Not sure if this is the right place or not but looking for tips on catching and keeping threadfin shad for live baiting stripers. I know about using a quality bait tank, 1 cup rock salt per 10 gal. and some type of bait saver. Will be attempting to catch bait either visually or by depih finder. Any tips or resources will be appreciated.

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I did this several years ago and the number one thing for your tank on threadfins is a good filtering system . I used foam cushion rubber to filter out the poop and scales. When at the lake I would pump fresh water in the tank on the boat and that kept them lively. You have to keep the water clean by filtration or exchange with fresh water or they will die in short order. Gizzard shad are easier to keep and are half as nasty as threadifns and better bait in my opinion for large fish.  . The toughest and easiest to keep live bait I used were Red horse suckers. They would live in city water in a bucket and were excellent striper bait because they are very lively .  When I got to the lake I would exchange the water in the tank and my pump was on a timer which would add water every 15 minutes and I also had a scupper that would pick up fresh water while I was running  and the old water went out an over flow. Check your local laws and if legal Bluegills are also good baits and are a lot easier to keep alive than threadfins
As for catching the threadifins , I would approach a school on top and throw a 20ft cast net over them or at a dam net them at retaining walls . Red horse suckers, I cast netted in creeks on shallow shoals  and caught bluegills on crickets or with a fly rod.
On typing this I know now  why I started fishing from shore with plastic swim baits and hair jigs .

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