Kayak Owners with Trolling Motors

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On 5/4/2021 at 1:23 PM, slip n slide said:

I didn't think I'd be 10 miles out either but I broke off and in the time it took to tie 3 knots and re-rig the tide and wind had taken me so far out I couldn't see land.What was predicted to be a day of 1-2' waves fishing near-shore changed into a whole 'nuther thing,was very glad I had an appropriate yak to be riding on,took 4-5' waves like a hot knife through butter,the jackson has a very broad bow,not meant for any kind of waves.

Don't forget a hand held or portable gps,fog,tides and wind can wreck your plans or get you killed in a heartbeat .The ocean,even near/inshore is not to be underestimated if you're coming from a FW environment.I would not go out on open water w/o a rudder as the wind can be hard to overcome if it's blowin hard from one side.

Can I ask for your advise? Would you consider the Autopilot 136 a salt worthy hull? I'm really starting to lean towards getting the proper boat and all the safety stuff in order before I find myself in a situation  I can't get out of and wishing I had done it right. Money wouldn't mean so much then.. :)

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