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I thought it was time to get my VSX serviced.

I got frustrated by the scarcity of the Van Staal self service kits as well as the ridiculous prices being asked for the wrench alone. Even sending it out to VS seems to be a problem lately.

Since all I really needed was a wrench to open my VSX200 I decided to make my own.

I know some will tell you to wrap some tape around the reel and go at it with a vice grip but I'm not that guy.

I happen to have a spare VR wrench and saw that the size was very close to the VS , I slowly filed the rounded sections of the VR wrench flat and after about 30 minutes I had a perfect fit.

Just go slow as to not remove too much material, you want it snug. 

It works great and didn't leave a mark.

The picture shows the finished wrench on the left.


VS-VR Wrench.jpg

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13 mins ago, Water Dog said:

Does anybody know if Van Staal ever plans to offer the self service kits again?

Too bad the self service kit never addressed the most critical seal :worms:

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44 mins ago, Water Dog said:

Is that something Q can service at River’s End?

He sure can. The self service kit doesn’t get you the tooling or the main seal to change. 

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I think I mentioned this before, I have the tool to replace the main seal in the VS reels. I used the tool to replace the main seal in my 200's and to my surprise after 12yrs. of abuse in the salt & suds, used as a walking stick at Montauk and reeling underwater in certain instances the seals in my reels looked brand new, not a drop of water or wear & tear. I couldn't believe it! I believe in the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" I left the original seals in the reels, this was 4yrs. ago and my reels are still going strong with no issues :D 

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