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in the air as the toutog move from there deep water habitat to there shore bound habitat? Crabs and sea worms work early for them and it is recommended you have both. Search out the rocky areas around our coast line , jetties and close to piers and other structures make for some good early fishing, be prepared to lose some terminal gear.  The flounder has begun to awaken from its winter hibernation as the water temperature increase and the Herring fill up the many runs along our coast line.

An suggested early approach to catching a flounder from shore , whether it is along a sandy beach or an estuary during this stage is to to take two rods with rod holders and test your patients . Make a cast into the far reaches of the water and if you have waders or hip boots, walk out until it is no loner safe and make a cast with a pyramid weight on a fish finder rig with one flounder hook .#6,7,8 baited with a piece of sea worm or soft shell clam . Adjust the rod holder in the ground unlike you may do for bass or blue fish and have the tip of the rod only a few feet off the ground. Place the rod in the holder and slowly tighten the line. Do the same with a second rod and once you `sit down in between , first move the handle of the real one or two revolutions only , This allows the weight to kick up a trail of sand with who knows what buried near the surface.  Leave the rod in the holder do not pick up the rod and then reinsert it , you may miss a hit by doing so. Have the patients to make many turns in this manner until you get to a point where you feel you need to make another cast. Try to be accurate in where you place the weight each time , for the most times you drag your weight over an area the more likely you will be successful. When to move and only then do you move only a few feet from where you originally began is a matter of success or not.

Now the Squid are also getting ready to mate and in some cases they have already started in the deeper waters of our waters and special habitat they have used for century.   Look towards the piers and local bulkhead at night with lanterns or day light as the water temperature gets to what they like  Look for Blue fish and Sea bass to be feeding heavy on these squid for awhile , especially when the squid mix in with the herring along our coast line. 

Our Striped Bass have begun to get out of the winter estuary,s and are slowly being augmented by tribes coming from down south , who knows what to expect this year , given all of the hype that the numbers have decreased .      I am feeling the excitement that those in a boat are going through fishing for  Haddock and Pollock and out of the blue they hook up with the largest flat fish we have around these parts , No not fluke, but Halibut . Now that would get any ones heart pumping for sure. The time is upon us as every one who considers fishing there primary sport, the period of time, when you may go out for one species and get a surprise by catching something different . Be patient the fishing lore of bygone days has and will once again share the stories of the catches in ways non others can describe . Can you feel it. 

Peace and Prayers

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So excited just to fish with my old friends and feel better about not likely getting or sharing the plague 


Friends and family all done or mostly vaccinated and evidence that we are moving into a better place for all of us 


Many of us missed a whole season of fishing with our best accomplices 


I am happy to hope We won’t miss another year of that.  As we all grow older and “wiser” we truly cherish and look forward to those days spent on the hunt with those wiser than us and hopefully sharing lessons to those that are not 


we have all lost maybe a blip, or for some, maybe an unfathomable time afield , of just doing normal with the people we keep close.


it is getting back to this that I most look forward to doing.


A new great fish story to experience with friends/family dammit 

Healthy, fruitful season to you all. 

tight lines



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Jim your post tells its own story of back in another time period when we all waited for the opening of trout season that has long gone by the books. In another time frame i also had special days to begin when I flounder fished, cod fished, smelt fished striped bass fish and also fluke and blue fish . I looked towards those dates as a new beginning of my life or bringing the family unit to the water to see what will be new for that year . A time of reflection and forgiveness towards my fellow sportsman in hopes of starting a new bond of fellowship to share the secrets of King Neptune's mysteries. What we may have uncovered last year only added to the mystery for this year was  a new start and who will be the lucky ones to unlock the secrets. It will take patients along with time on the water and in some cases more than some would like to contribute , along with a little experimentation to bring a smile to ones face. I wish all of my brothers and sisters you find the solace in those efforts . Peace and Prayers

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Those who like to squid fish do so for other reasons then eating and it is in that moment of time that the enjoyment of fishing for squid becomes another story by itself. Some will put them away to troll with them in the deeper water for other denizens of the deep , knowing that they have increased there catch rate by having nice large squid of size on the trolling bars, Others like myself, know that the other fish during the early part of the season will also play a roll in the success by using strips of squid or even a whole head on a hook will entice the larger of the species to attack them, like sea bass, striped bass, blue fish and fluke along with scup and even toutog . It is this knowledge that fresh native caught squid left in the nice ink once unfrozen from its protected block in the freezer will provide you with some bait of worth . It will be thick enough to strip fish and still have enough strength to stay on the hook after many hits , from what ever fish you are searching for. I can feel the anticipation in the air and only hope I can get out soon to enjoy the beginning joy that all of this excitement leaves me   to see another year proceed into the history books of time and hope that it was all worth the wait. Peace and Prayers

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